Soprano - Messaggio aziendale

There is a place...
Panorama Campagna nei dintorni di Dattilo.where there's no time...
Olio Soprano is a great blend of nocellara and cerasuola varieties.
The olives are selected from a small estate in the hills around Dattilo, a village near Trapani, on the western side of Sicily. 
It's an oasis of tranquillity and clean air where the silence is the real master.
Olives are rigorously hand-picked with great care during the phase of partial colour change and are sent to the mill within the next twelve hours, using the two-phase extraction and are cold-pressed (without adding hot water). 
So Olio Soprano is an extra virgin olive oil  with a low acidity. The colour is yellow with green reflection, full bodied with lingering pepper finish. It's perfectly balanced. Great with grilled meats, tomato bruschetta, caprese salad, soups, cruditè etc...
Alberi di olivo dai quali si produce l'olio extra vergine di oliva Soprano. 
The Green Manure for our extra virgin olive oil*
 * Green manure is a term used to describe specific plant or crop varieties that are grown and turned into the soil to improve its overall quality. A green manure crop can be cut and them plowed into the soil or simply left in the ground for an extended period. Examples of green manure crops include grass mixtures and legume plants.